How Coupa Café is saving time, money and headaches every day with Cut+Dry.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, a rapidly growing fast-casual chain found itself overwhelmed by the unnecessary overhead of ordering supplies for their 10 locations. Coupa partnered with Cut+Dry to streamline operations and help them continue their rapid growth.

Jean Paul Coupal (“JP”), his sister Camelia and his mother Nancy opened the first Coupa Café in Downtown Palo Alto near the Stanford campus in 2004 and since then has grown the fast-casual chain 10x. From the beginning, the old-fashioned way of ordering supplies for his cafes struck the Stanford grad as inefficient and outdated. “When we first started with a single location, ordering all my supplies was a painful experience. It took way more effort than it should have and having so many different ways to order for each vendor created a lot of confusion and costly mistakes. We are all connected to the internet 24/7 from lots of different devices, but when you are trying to order across phone, text, and emails, mistakes are going to happen,” says Coupal.

As the Coupa team began to open more locations, the problems compounded as multiple managers took on ordering responsibilities. In addition, JP’s mission for Coupa was to support local, organic, sustainable and family-run farms. This noble goal also forced Coupa to add additional vendors to support their societal goals. As an owner operator, JP did not have an efficient way outside of calling everyone each day or logging into multiple systems to make sure the right orders had been placed on time. JP and team began searching for a solution, “Here I am in Silicon Valley, a stone’s throw away from Stanford University and I’ve got 15 people ordering supplies the same way that my grandfather would have ordered stuff, plus the texting. I knew there must be a better way to do this.”

Once we started opening new locations and depending on other managers to do ordering, I realized that I had to find a better way to do my ordering if me and my team were going to be successful. Fortunately, I found the Cut+Dry solution and we haven’t looked back!

Jean Paul CoupalOwner

JP found a couple companies who looked like they could solve his problem, but upon deeper inspection, they were either too expensive or missed critical functionality. When JP found Cut+Dry he went through an intensive due diligence effort to make sure the product…

  • Had the basic functionality to simplify ordering for multiple locations.
  • Had the controls and reporting to give him the confidence to delegate ordering responsibility down the chain.
  • Did not require a huge investment in training already occupied staff or his vendors.
  • Had an appropriate price point.
  • Was designed by a team with hospitality experience who understood how to provide world-class support.
  • Would grow alongside Coupa and be eager for feedback on future improvements.

Since launching with Cut+Dry, Coupa has continued to grow, opening 6 more locations. According to JP, “Our experience with Cut+Dry has been fantastic. I’ve got 99 other problems, but ordering isn’t one of them now. Our team is as excited as I am because they have less to worry about and can trust the product and the process.” Specifically, JP and the Coupa team have seen the following benefits from using Cut+Dry:

Saved Time & Wages:

Before Cut+Dry, each location was spending at least two hours a day managing orders. In California, the minimum wage is $15 and with 10 locations it was as if Coupa had 3 ½ full-time employees just doing data entry! Cut+Dry helped cut this time in half, saving thousands each year.

Reduced Order Mistakes:

Even spending 2 hours a day per location, Coupa experienced missed, late and incomplete orders, because each vendor had their own process, set of credentials or order channel. Consolidating all ordering on to Cut+Dry dramatically cut down on errors which otherwise would have taken additional hours and disgruntled customers to resolve.

Saved Money Via Price Tracking:

Being able to easily track product price fluctuations over time allows Coupa to keep contract partners honest and provides indicators for when to price out market items.

Increased Control & Oversight:

Managing and mentoring managers became a lot easier. Now JP can sleep well at night knowing that Cut+Dry helps guarantee that mistakes can be caught before they have any negative impact.

Cut+Dry has allowed us to slash the amount of time required to order and at the same time, increased our ability to monitor everything in one place and proactively squash problems before they grow.

Camelia CoupalOwner

As Coupa Cafes continues its hypergrowth, they’re confident that one issue they won’t have to worry about scaling at their pace is ordering supplies because of their relationship with Cut+Dry. JP notes, “I don’t think that most owners know how much time they are wasting with ordering the old-fashioned way. You’re just giving yourself gray hair and throwing money away. My recommendation to any owner-operator is to try out Cut+Dry and you will see the same benefits I have.”

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