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Make your product data eCommerce-ready

Cut+Dry will structure and enhance your product data to make it e-commerce ready. If your data is already enhanced, we will simply take a feed of that data from you.

Publish your SKU content anywhere and everywhere

Your most recent enhanced data should be available to everyone selling your products. Cut+Dry will syndicate and refresh your data for you to help reach the 12,000+ SMB distributors, not on GS1.

Increase sales and brand awareness

Let Cut+Dry direct your customers to distributors that sell your products to boost both your sales. We’ll even expand and supplement your sampling program so you never miss out on a potential sale.

Influence purchasing decisions

Connect directly with foodservice purchasers so you can influence purchasing decisions and attract new customers via Cashback rebates and target ads.

Add your products to our endless aisle

New revenue for you + your Distributor Partners. Make it easy for distributors to browse and supplement their catalogs with your products.

Broadliner Compliance

Each major Broadliner has its own e-Comm standard; if you don’t match it, they’ll financially penalize you. Cut+Dry will be your translator to alleviate these penalties and give you unprecedented oversight of Broadliner action.

Become a Cut+Dry Partner

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