All your orders in one place

Cut+Dry’s complimentary all-in-one food ordering and invoice platform frees you to focus on what’s most important: your food and your customers.

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Our Customers:

Our Customers:

All your orders
in one place

Consolidating your ordering in one place with Cut+Dry reduces time required to make orders, reconcile to invoice, and virtually eliminates ordering mistakes. Cut+Dry customers can realize thousands of dollars in food and labor savings by using our platform.

Easier for everyone,
even your bookkeeper

Cut+Dry is designed by restaurant operations veterans to be simple to use for the sole operator up to chain operators. What’s more, Cut+Dry does not ask your vendors to change the way they work; it just makes their jobs easier too.

We’ve got your back
(of house)

Instead of handing stained and crumpled paper invoices to your back office, Cut+Dry digitizes and automates nearly all of your bookkeepers’ manual tasks in reconciling order to invoice.

More insight
= More control

Want to track contracted prices or the variation in market prices over time? Want to delegate more responsibility to your managers, but still maintain oversight? Want to clearly track the performance of your vendors? Cut+Dry is the solution for you!

Cut+Dry has allowed us to slash the amount of time required to order and at the same time, increased our ability to monitor everything in one place and proactively squash problems before they grow.

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Key Features

Single Platform for All Orders

Keep your current suppliers, but make all your orders in one place. Orders get real-time status updates and communications with vendors are saved for later review.

Quickbooks Integration

Link your Cut+Dry account to your QuickBooks Online account and you can automatically import food and beverage purchases already encoded to your general ledger preferences.

Mobile Friendly

Cut+Dry works on your desktop/laptop as well as the browser on your smartphone or tablet. For tasks that typically require work away from a desk or in spotty mobile coverage areas, we also offer iOS and Android apps with offline functionality.

Order Check-In

Standardize your process for checking in an order regardless of who is doing it. Speed up identifying, managing and resolving vendor mistakes by starting at the point of delivery.

Multi-Location Management

Cut+Dry was purposely built to support complex multi-location chains with customized user privileges, built-in manager oversight functions, consolidated reporting and commissary ordering support. If you are a single-location owner-operator, don’t worry; we cover you too and are ready to support your growth!

Order to Invoice Reconciliation

Enable your back office to instantaneously reconcile orders to deliveries while minimizing manual errors. Eliminate messy paperwork by simply taking a picture of your invoices.

Smart Reminders and Alerts

Get alerts about missing orders or make them disappear completely by creating automatic orders. Our flexible standing orders save you time and allow you to make last-minute changes.

Robust Reporting

Keep track of expenses and use our smart planning tools to minimize food costs. Monitor expenses by vendor, item, employee, location and more.

Digital Invoices

Cut+Dry digitizes every invoice you scan or photograph. This means we normalize all your vendor invoices into an Excel spreadsheet that your back office can use. We also enable a searchable standardized invoice format across all your vendors.


Kitchen staff not comfortable ordering in English? No problem, Cut+Dry can be customized to display in English, Spanish, Chinese or French. If you have a specific language you need, just let us know.

Order to Par

Use Cut+Dry to automatically and reliably generate accurate orders based off of your customizable par levels and on-hand stock.

New Features Every Month

Our crack team of developers releases new features and enhancements each month. As long as your subscription is active, you will receive new features included in your monthly fee. If you have an idea for Cut+Dry, we’d love to hear it!


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